Lake City Youth Softball Baseball Association

Thank You for volunteering

Coaching youth sports is a rewarding experience for not only the players, but you as well. As a youth coach you have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the young boys and girls in out community. There is so much more to coaching youth athletics than just coaching the fundamentals of the sport. You can be a positive influencer on each child’s life and help them with their self confidence, image and aspirations to do better. Life lessons and growth can be taught as well as life long coach/player relationships. With that also comes great responsibility to provide a healthy, safe and encouraging environment. In order ensure we have the right people in the positions and provide safe practices you must complete the following items to be able to help LCYSBA summer youth sports.

Concussion Training

The NFHS has teamed up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in high school sports. This course highlights the impact of sports-related concussion on athletes, teaches how to recognize a suspected concussion, and provides protocols to manage a suspected concussion with steps to help players return to play safely after a concussion. Each state’s requirements for concussion management are included as part of the course.

Concussion Training

Background Check

Starting in 2014 the LCYBA has instituted a background check policy that is to be taken by all coaches and assistants. This background check is valid for 2 years and must be renewed after that time has expired. The cost of this background check is paid by the LCYBA.

The LCYBA is concerned for the players’ safety. Any adult listed as a coach or assistant must complete the online background application and have a valid certificate of completion.

No one associated with the LCYBA can view the application and while the applicant will be notified if their background check is not accepted and provided appropriate details, the LCYBA will only be notified that the adult cannot be registered.

The LCYBA has chosen Background Investigation Bureau, LLC (BIB) to perform the background check. Information about BIB can be found by clicking on the BIB logo below. If you would like to move on to the background check please click ON THIS LINK

BIB Logo