Lake City Youth Softball Baseball Association

hosted by

Lake City Youth Baseball Association

Saturday July 29th – Sunday July 30th – 9AM start

Location: Bluff View Elementary baseball fields corner of Cross Street & Lakewood Ave.



$275 per team with 3 games guaranteed. Each team to supply 1 game ball per game for tournament use. The ball may be given to umpire at the start of each game. Make checks payable to LCYSBA or pay online at


Those age 12 on or before May 1, 2023 or kids who completed Grade 6 in the spring of 2023 and were part of the teams ZVBL regular season roster.


  • Limit of 85 Maximum Pitches per day pitched in the tournament.
  • Limit of 135 Maximum Pitches for tournament duration.
    • *If a player reaches their number of allowed pitches during an at-bat, they may finish pitching to that batter but then must immediately be removed from the pitching position.*
    • In the case that some teams play two games on Friday and some teams play one game on Friday, the teams that play two games on Friday will have their second game pitch counts, count as Saturday’s pitch count.
    • Only pitches thrown to a batter count toward the pitch count.
  • Removed By Rule:
    • Pitchers that have reached their maximum pitches per day or per tournament can no longer pitch and once the team has reached their maximum trips to the mound (2) for the pitcher they can no longer pitch
  • Tracking Pitches:
    • Each team must designate an adult who is responsible to track the pitches for their team. Each team should track the pitches for both their team and their opponent.
    • After each inning those responsible for tracking pitches will confirm the number of pitches for that inning with the other team and official GameChanger (GC) scorekeeper. Any discrepancies need to be worked out at that time. If a dispute cannot be resolved the number calculated by the GC scorekeeper will stand as the official number. Once the next inning has begun, the numbers from the previous inning are final
    • After the game, each team must verify with the opposing team and GC scorekeeper, the final score of the game and the total pitch count for each player. At this time, the GC scorekeeper will finalize the game and totals will be tallied on the official tournament website.
  • VIOLATION of the pitching restrictions will result in the Head Coach being ejected for the remainder of the tournament. The team will forfeit the game of infraction. The pitcher in violation of rule will be ejected for their team’s next game, and he is also prohibited from pitching the rest of the tournament.
  • Pitching Rubber: Occasionally on a youth field there are multiple pitching rubbers for different ages, baseball-softball, etc. The Host will do everything they can to verify the proper rubber (52 feet) has been exposed. However, through dragging or raking the proper rubber may have been covered and the improper one exposed. It will be the responsibility of the pitcher and coaches to verify the rubber is right. If there is any question prior to or during the game the Umpire can verify distance. From the point the rubber is verified the umpire will make the change to the proper pitching rubber and continue the game. There will be NO redoing of any batter, pitches or innings to that point.
  • Trips to the Mound: Two trips to the mound are allowed PER PITCHER, PER GAME. On the second trip the pitcher must be removed from the pitcher position for the remainder of the game, (This is also considered “removed by rule”).
  • Pitcher Warm Ups: In an effort to keep game play moving we ask that coaches adhere to the following warm up rules for their pitchers:
    1. If pitcher has just entered the game to start an inning they shall get no more than 8 warm up pitches. Less can be taken if pitcher desires.
    2. If a pitcher is entered as a reliever during an inning in progress they shall get no more than 8 warm up pitches. Less can be taken if pitcher desires.
    3. If a pitcher pitched the previous inning and are starting the next inning they shall get no more than 5 warm up pitches. Less can be taken if pitcher desires.
  • Balks: High school rules will apply for balks, however a pitcher will receive 1 warning prior to enforcement


  • Unless modified here, all game equipment shall be in accordance with specifications listed in the National Federation of High School rule book. Decisions made by the Umpire on equipment are final.
  • All teams must wear numbered jerseys of the identical color, duplicate numbered jerseys are to be considered illegal and will not be allowed. Tape numbers are acceptable. Illegally uniformed players must be withheld from competition until they become legal.
  • Metal spikes – They will not be allowed in the 12 and under age group.
  • Proper helmets must be worn while batting, base running and catching in accordance with the NFHS guidelines.
  • Bats with one-piece rubber grip and knob combination are ILLEGAL.
  • Bat restrictions: Bats must be 2 1/4″ with unlimited weight differential OR bats 2 3/8 & 2 5/8″ and have a -10 differential or less OR a -5 BBCOR bat or wood bat.
  • PENALTY FOR ILLEGAL EQUIPMENT: On the first violation for entering the box with an illegal bat, the penalty for an illegal bat is applied (7-4-1a)…A batter is also out as in above penalty or when the batter enters the batter’s box with an illegal bat or is discovered having used an illegal bat. If the infraction is discovered before the next pitch following the turn at bat of the player who used an illegal bat, the defense may take the penalty or the result of the play. Also, the head coach shall be restricted to the bench/dugout for the remainder of the game. On the second violation for entering the box with an illegal bat, the penalty for an illegal bat is applied and the head coach shall be ejected. On subsequent violations for entering the box with an illegal bat, the penalty for an illegal bat is applied and the designated head coach shall be ejected. On detected violations of 4-1-3b for the use of a damaged helmet, the helmet shall be immediately removed from play.
  • All cast, splints and braces must be padded with at least ½” of closed-cell, slow-recovery rubber or other material of the same minimum thickness and having similar physical properties. No protective equipment shall have exposed metal or any other hard material.
  • Teams must supply their own first-aid kits and ice packs. (Each community should be supplying their teams with first aid kits and ice packs. Please do not depend on the Host communities to supply these).


  1. National Federation of High School rules shall govern play, except where modified in this document.
  2. The official schedule is the bracket board posted at tournament headquarters. It is the team’s responsibility to be aware of any changes and to be in the right place at the right time. Game schedules will be kept up to date in GameChanger App.
  3. Home team shall be determined by the higher seed being the home team.
  4. No infield will be permitted on the game fields; you may use outfield areas for warm up. Please have your team ready 15 minutes ahead of schedule.
  5. A 10-minute grace period will be allowed for a team’s first game before a forfeit is declared. Game time is forfeit time for all remaining games. A team that is a NO SHOW for their first game has one hour to contact the tournament director regarding the status of their remaining pool play games. If no contact is made within one hour, that team’s games will be declared forfeits. All forfeits will be recorded as a 10-0 score.
  6. Forfeits: Tournament officials will administer the rule so that any team that intentionally causes a forfeit will NOT benefit and will NOT advance to the championship round unless the Tournament Committee determines there were extenuating circumstances causing the forfeit.
  7. Disqualification: If a team is disqualified from the tournament, it only affects the results of their last game.
  8. Mercy rule: If team is ahead by 15 runs after 3 innings, or 10 runs after 4 innings.
  9. Pitching / Base Distances:
    1. Base length will be approximately 75 feet.
    2. Pitching mound will approximately 52 feet.
  10. Base Running Rules: (Head first sliding is permitted at any base at any time).
    1. High school rules apply to leading off, stealing, dropped 3rd strike, etc.
      1. Base runners must slide on all close plays or they will be called out by the umpire.
      2. Base runners may steal all bases including home (including passed balls).
      3. Base runners may lead off.
      4. On a dropped third strike with no runner on first base, or with a runner on first base and two outs, the batter immediately becomes a runner. The strike is called, but the umpire does not call the batter out. The umpire may also signal that there is “no catch” of the pitch.
  11. Catcher interference will be called and batter will be awarded first base.
  12. Play 9 players in the field.
  13. Rosters with player names and numbers must be entered into the roster on GameChanger and/or emailed to no later than Friday July 28th.
  14. Must bat a minimum of 12 players (if available) but can bat all if coach chooses – coaches exchange batting line-ups prior to the game.
  15. There will be open substitution on defense only if player is in the current lineup. Players not in the official start of game batting lineup that are entered as a pinch-runner or defensive player must remain in game and placed in the lineup spot of the player they substituted for. Once a player is replaced in the lineup they may not re-enter.
  16. A courtesy runner will be allowed for the current catcher anytime. This means the catcher must be the catcher of record before and after the at bat. The courtesy runner will be the last player that made an out. The player that is run for must catch the next inning. (Courtesy runners can be only used for catchers only, pitchers must run).
  17. Teams must start the game with 9 players. If due to injury or illness, a team may finish a game with 8 players. A team reduced to less than 9 players due to an ejection shall be disqualified.
  18. LATE PLAYER: If a player comes late to a game or leaves early, in a round robin batting order you close the batting order up (eliminate the batting spot if player left) or for the player coming late you open up the batting order (add the batting spot at the bottom of the order). If a player is injured during the game you close the batting order up (eliminate his batting spot). It is not an out when his spot comes up to bat. If a player is ejected then that batting spot is an out each time it comes up. If a batter gets hurt during his at-bat, then the next batter in order will assume his count.
  19. Bracket Play Game Length / Time Limits:
    1. 5 innings/1 hour 15 minute (75 minutes) time limit. No new inning shall begin after 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes). Umpire will start a timer once first pitch is thrown. The time to determine if a new inning will start is at the time of the last out of the current inning. If the final out is made of an inning at the 74 minute mark a new inning may begin if it is not the end of regulation (5 innings).
    2. In Bracket Play games, if the score is tied at the end of regulation innings and the time limit has not expired, the game shall continue. In games that are tied once the time limit is reached after an inning has already started, the game will end immediately if the home team is ahead or scores the go ahead run in the bottom half of the inning or when the inning is completed and visitor is ahead. If game is still tied International tie breaker rules will be utilized at the start of the next inning, the teams start their at bat with a player on second base and 1 out recorded. The player that starts on second base is the last player at bat in the previous inning.
    3. CHAMPIONSHIP game(s) (If 2 games are needed) will not have a time limit, all 5 innings will be played. If tied after regulation, international tie breaker rules will be followed as stated above.
  20. EJECTIONS: Any coach, parent or spectator ejected from a game will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. These individuals may not be within 200 yards of the team bench throughout the remainder of the tournament. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for the remainder of that game plus the next game. If the suspended party negatively affects the tournament in any way, they will be removed from the facility and may not set foot on the facility for the remainder of the weekend. If the individual(s) refuses to leave promptly and orderly the police will be called. It is possible for the individual/team to face additional penalties regarding future tournament participation.
  21. WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather (or for any other reason) during the tournament, the Tournament Director and Staff reserves the right to do whatever necessary to complete the tournament, including but not limiting to the changing of the tournament format, shortening games, etc. The decision of the Tournament Director/Staff is final.
  22. HEAT: If the temperatures become extreme the Umpires and Coaches will be advised to use reasonable judgment regarding heat and water breaks. We will recommend taking a few extra minutes after the 3rd or 4th inning for cool down/water break. This timeout will not affect the regulation game time limits and the umpire should tell you what the new game ending time is after the break.
  23. No protests allowed. All disputes will be handled on the field.

Coaches Code of Conduct

1. The Coaches will be responsible for their players and not allow unsportsmanlike acts toward opponents, officials, or anyone associated with the game.
2. Coaches will know and comply to the intent and spirit of the rules.
3. Coaches will teach their players to respect the dignity of the game, rules, officials, opponents, and the Associations they represent.
4. Coaches will confine their discussion with game officials to the rules and not challenge umpire decisions involving judgment.
5. Coaches will prohibit comments from the bench which would include personal and malicious remarks, cursing, and obscene language toward opponents, umpires, coaches, or spectators.
6. Coaches will refrain from any personal action that might arouse players or spectators to unsportsmanlike behavior.
7. Coaches will not use or tolerate the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.
8. Coaches should demonstrate and expect an umpire’s courteous and dignified attitude toward players and each other.
9. Coaches should make every effort to control unruly spectators from their Association.
10. LCYBA may consider all relevant conduct in determining whether disciplinary action is appropriate. Conduct includes but is not limited to LCYBA events. Conduct at non LCYBA baseball events and acts outside of baseball may be considered.
Any violation of the above Code of Conduct should be reported to the LCYBA, and may result in sanctions, or temporary or permanent banishment from any or all LCYBA events

Parent Code of Conduct

1. Parents will encourage good sportsmanship by showing positive support for all players, coaches, administrators, and officials.
2. Parents will remember that physical and emotional health of the players is more important than winning a game.
3. Parents will not use or tolerate the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.
4. LCYBA events will be for the kids to play a game, not for adult interference.
5. Parents will make events a positive and fun experience for the players.
6. Parents will treat all players, coaches, volunteers, fans, and officials with respect.
7. Parents will not undermine or question the coach’s instructions, directions, or decisions.
8. Parents will not use or tolerate the use of profanity.
9. Parents will show the utmost respect for all umpires and their decisions.
Any violation of the above Code of Conduct should be reported to the LCYBA, and may result in sanctions, or temporary or permanent banishment from any or all LCYBA events

AWARDS: Miniature embellished wooden bats will be awarded to first, second and third place teams.

CONCESSIONS: There will be a full concession stand, please help support our youth program and purchase food and beverage from the concession stand!

PARKING: Bluffview Elementary Parking lot behind school, lot/road in front of school, & pool parking lot. Only handicapped fans and tournament staff will be allowed to use the service road into the facility.

If you have questions please contact Isaac Corey at 507-396-3841 or email at