2023 Solar Salt Fundraiser

Order Deadline is Sunday, June 25th

For those of you that are new to this fundraiser, this is our 14th year of doing a Solar Salt fundraiser for our program. With over 280 players in our program this year and 20 registered teams we have yet again our largest group EVER!

The money earned from the fundraiser (after expense) goes straight into the program to help pay for the many different fees associated with running a program like ours. This is also a key fundraiser that helps keep our annual fees down. We are hundreds of dollars lower than most programs and we intend to keep it that way, giving everyone an opportunity to participate.

Your support is appreciated as we cannot do this without you.

2023 Solar Salt Fundraiser Instructions for Players/Parents

  • Download and print an order tracking sheet here. This will be yours to keep track of your orders.
  • Contact friends, family, local businesses – Everyone uses it, and the businesses love to support our program.
  • Tell them about our great, unique fundraiser. They can order 1 bag or 100 bags there is no limit! (For businesses a full pallet is 63 bags if they are interested in ordering bulk).
  • Record their order on the sheet – make sure to mark where it needs to go so on delivery day you know where to take it.
  • Have them either write a check to YOU or give you CASH.
  • On or before June 25th place your bulk order by summing up your orders by type and go to lcysba.org and place the order.
  • Write a check for the full amount to LCYBA and mail to PO Box 373 – Lake City, MN 55041 or Pay with credit card online, its up to you.
  • We will tally up the orders and get the semi(s) on their way for a delivery to AG Partners. July 14th is target delivery date.
  • On the weekend of the delivery come down to AG Partners and grab your salt and deliver to your list. Be sure you saved your sheet so you know where to take it!

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